Tiny Ryms kid´s clothes collection, autumn 2018

*T h i s  c o l l e c t i o n  w a s  d e s i g n e d  t o g e t h e r  w i t h  c r e a t i v e  d i r e c t o r  A n n a  B a c k l u n d.

Tiny Ryms kid´s room collection spring 2018

Urban Turban Teddy & Sleepy Fox

Knitted friends

Bye Bye Birdie

knitted cushion

Bye bye birdie

big bag quilted

Bye bye birdie

knitted babyblanket

Bye bye birdie

nappy bag quilted

Bye bye birdie

bed bumper

Bye bye birdie


House of Rym spring 2018

Flying Rowan

Cushion cover

Flying Rowan


Tiny Ryms kid´s room collection autumn/winter 2017

styling and photo by

Fia Miari and Hilda Grahnat

hanging forest

handpainted wooden mobile

in the jungle

handtufted woolrug

oak in a cloak

knitted cushion

maple staple

knitted cushion

pine no whine

knitted cushion

bye bye birdie

handdyed quilted playmat/walldecoration

Bean me up, Scotty!

Friendly Forest beanbag

Friendly Forest


selected products

Bye Bye Birdie!


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